Attractive Global Opportunities

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Unconstrained Investment Approach: the fund manager has considerable flexibility over portfolio construction and the event-driven, multi-strategy approach allows the manager to roam across asset classes and utilize a diversified range of instruments and securities, including derivatives to express portfolio views.
Tail Hedging: the portfolio includes a tail hedging dimension which is engineered to protect the overall portfolio against high impact market events.
Investment Focus: the focus on event-driven and tail hedging scenarios is expected to allow the fund to participate at the appropriate time, and in the appropriate security type, for each individual investment by maximizing potential returns while minimizing principal risk.


The investment objective of the Fasanara Capital Attractive Global Opportunities Fund (or the “Fund”) is to achieve consistent, absolute returns with lower volatility by pursuing an event-driven, multi-strategy approach across the capital structure.

To achieve its objective the Fund invests highly opportunistically across a number of asset classes including debt and money market instruments, equity, credit, commodity indices and currencies. The capital is primarily allocated to each asset class on the basis of both, top-down macro views as well as fundamental bottom-up analysis. This may result in dramatic shifts in the Fund’s allocations due to changes in the investment landscape. In addition the Fund incorporates a tail hedging dimension aimed at protecting the overall portfolio against low probability, but potentially high impact systemic events.

The Fund exposures to the different asset classes may be achieved both by cash investments (Equity and Credit) or through the use of financial derivative instruments (Derivatives – such as equity futures, bond futures, interest rate swaps, credit default swaps, total return swaps, currency forwards and non-deliverable forwards), through the taking of both long and short positions within the investment universe. The combination of long and short positions however will never result in uncovered short positions. The Fund may invest in debt obligations issued by non-rated issuers or issuers whose rating is non-investment grade. The Fund may invest up to 10% of its net assets in debt obligations issued by non-rated issuers or issuers whose rating is non-investment grade but not where the rating level is below Standard and Poor's B- or Moody's B2.

Derivatives will be used both for hedging portfolio risks and for investment purposes to achieve the investment objective of the Fund. Derivatives include, but are not limited to, futures, options, forwards, swaps, credit linked instruments, and other fixed income, currency and credit derivatives (including but not limited to total return swaps, foreign exchange forward contracts, non-deliverable forwards, single name credit default swaps and indices of credit default swaps).

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Class Listing Shares: ISIN LU1322032373

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Class A – Acc Eur: ISIN LU1111202344
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